It is only after we take care of ourselves that our energies genuinely overflow to others, nature, Earth and the Universe

Human actions, intentions not only impact Earth but each and everyone of us. We have a symbiotic relationship with Earth, both physically and energetically. By healing humanity's thoughts, actions and intentions and expanding people's awareness beyond their day to day physical world, we can assist with the evolution of all.

Heart Talks will be geared toward expanding human awareness of themselves and their impacts to the world on an energetic level. The talks will be offered online and will be presented by an individual or a panel of two or more professionals, with extensive experience in their field.

The first Heart Talk is expected to be in June 2019 via Zoom. The presentation will be a panel discussion by four professionals, with a question and answer period following. The speakers will be discussing the impacts of Loosing Connection, each from a different perspective; Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.  

All events and meditations are posted on the Whole Earth Hub Facebook page. If you would like to be on the email list to receive notifications of the Whole Earth Hub talks and meditations, please send an email to